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December 2004


Welcome to the November e-newsletter for the TB Education & Training Resources Website (findtbresources.cdc.gov). The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to inform you about the featured Highlight of the Month, addition al helpful resources in the database, and other updates to the Web site.

Highlight of the Month

This month's highlight is a 10-minute flash film co-produced by UNAIDS and the Stop TB Partnership entitled Fight AIDS. Fight TB. Fight Now.
Narrated by Winstone Zulu, a TB/HIV advocate from Zambia, the film emphasizes that TB is the leading killer of AIDS patients living in Africa and that fighting AIDS in Africa means fighting TB.

Fight AIDS. Fight TB. Fight Now.

For more information on this online resource, please visit findtbresources.cdc.gov.

Additional Resources
What's the TB/HIV Connection? TB and HIV Coinfection A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation for Collaborative TB/HIV Activities

What's the TB/HIV Connection? from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

TB and HIV Coinfection: What Can HIV/AIDS Service Organizations Do to Help? from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation for Collaborative TB/HIV Activities, from the World Health Organization (WHO) Stop TB Partnership, and the World Health Organization (WHO) Department of HIV/AIDS

To find out how to order or view these materials, visit findtbresources.cdc.gov.

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