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April 2005


Welcome to this month's e-newsletter for the TB Education & Training Resources Website (findtbresources.cdc.gov). The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to inform you about the featured Highlight of the Month, additional helpful resources in the database, and other updates to the website.

Highlight of the Month

This month's highlight, LTBI Card: Patient's TB Testing and Treatment Record, from the New Jersey Medical School National Tuberculosis Center, is an information kit that describes the rationale and use of an LTBI card. This kit includes a sample wallet-sized pocket card that LTBI patients can use as a portable record of their tuberculin skin test, chest x-ray, and treatment status.

LTBI Card: Patient's TB Testing and Treatment Record

For more information on this online resource, please visit findtbresources.cdc.gov.

Additional Resources

Stop TB

Hoesten? Zo! The Tuberculin Skin Test

Stop TB, from the Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada.

Hoesten? Zo! (Coughing? Like This!), from the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation.

The Tuberculin Skin Test, from the Florida Department of Health.

To find out how to order or view these materials, visit findtbresources.cdc.gov.

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