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August 2011

¡Vivir a Todo Pulmón! Una Historia de TB Novela


Welcome to this month's e-newsletter for the Find TB Resources Website ( The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to inform you about the featured Highlight of the Month, additional helpful resources in the database, and other updates to the website.

Highlight of the Month

This month's highlight is ¡Vivir a Todo Pulmón! Una Historia de TB Novela, from the Southeastern National TB Center. This material was designed to educate Hispanic TB patients and their families using the fotonovela, an illustrated educational format familiar to Hispanic readers. Following Juan and his community as they cope with TB, the story addresses topics such as awareness, misconceptions, treatment, and contact investigation.

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Additional Resources

What's New in Blood Testing for TB Infection?

CDC Patient Education Materials Series

Saving a Million Lives

What's New in Blood Testing for TB Infection?, from Medscape CDC Expert Video Commentary.


CDC Patient Education Materials Series, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (available in English, Spanish, and Tagalog).

Saving a Million Lives, from WHO Stop TB Partnership.

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