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November 2011

WHO Report 2011: Global Tuberculosis Control


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Highlight of the Month

This month's highlight is WHO Report 2011: Global Tuberculosis Control, from the WHO Stop TB Department. The report provides a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of the global TB epidemic and discusses the progress made toward implementing and financing TB prevention, care, and control. The report includes data from 198 countries that account for over 99% of the world's TB cases.

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Additional Resources

Connecticut's Tuberculosis Quarantine Laws

Tuberculosis: The Timeless Disease

Evaluation of Pregnant Patient at Risk for TB

Connecticut's Tuberculosis Quarantine Laws, from the Connecticut Department of Public Health.


Tuberculosis: The Timeless Disease, from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and Community Health Associates of British Columbia.

Evaluation of Pregnant Patient at Risk for TB, from the Heartland National TB Center.

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