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This month's newsletter highlights resources related to TB in children.

Highlight of the Month

This month's highlight is Pediatric TB Radiology for Clinicians from the Heartland National TB Center. This book shows and describes examples of radiographic abnormalities common in pediatric tuberculosis, emphasizing pulmonary, lymphatic, and meningeal disease. The utility of CT scan and MRI in pediatric TB are also discussed. Radiographs and case studies are used as illustrations throughout the book.

Pediatric TB Radiology
Additional Resources
Being Brave

Being Brave: Stories of Children with Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, from the Sentinel Project on Pediatric Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis.

No More Crying

No More Crying, No More Dying. Towards Zero TB Deaths in Children, from the Stop TB Partnership.

CDC TB in Children

TB in Children, from the CDC Division of TB Elimination.

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