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Highlight of the Month

This month's highlight is TB Personal Stories, from the CDC Division of Tuberculosis Elimination. This project features patients who have been successfully treated and cured of TB disease, or were given treatment to prevent TB infection from progressing to TB disease. It also includes stories about children who were cured of TB, as told by their parents. Videos are forthcoming.

What You Need to Know about Your Medicine for Latent Tuberculosis (TB) Infection Fact Sheet Series
Additional Resources
The ENGAGE-TB Approach: Integrating Community-Based Tuberculosis Activities into the Work of Nongovernmental and Other Civil Society Organizations

Basic Epidemiology for Tuberculosis Program Staff, 2nd Edition, from New Jersey Medical School Global TB Institute (GTBI).

Diagnosis and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection

An Activist's Guide to Bedaquiline (Sirturo), from Treatment Action Group (TAG).

Community-Based Tuberculosis Prevention and Care: Why and How to Get Involved

Stop TB in Our Lifetime - A Shared Commitment (available in Creole, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish), from Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

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