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Highlight of the Month

The joint biennial TB Education and Training Network (TB ETN) and TB Program Evaluation Network (TB PEN) Conference, Breaking Through Barriers to Achieve TB Elimination, will be held in Decatur, Georgia, September 18-20, 2018. Conference plenary and breakout sessions will include topics on the role of TB education and evaluation in TB control efforts, how to engage providers and build partnerships, and helpful tools for TB education, training, and evaluation. Conference activities will include skills-based workshops, informational presentations, and networking opportunities.

Go to: for more information about the conference.

Highlight of The Month
Additional Resources
Think TB...Test for TB Poster

Think TB...Test for TB Poster, from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

CorrectTB Webpage

CorrectTB Webpage, from the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association.

Tuberculosis and HIV

Tuberculosis and HIV, from the Mississippi Department of Health.

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