July 2022

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Stop TB Poster,
from the CDC Division of Tuberculosis Elimination.
Also available in Spanish

Cultural Quick Reference Guide: Ukraine, from the Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center.

Patient and provider education materials from CDC’s Think. Test. Treat TB campaign are now available in Chinese, English, Ilocano, Marshallese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese!

The materials are available free of charge. To order print copies, please visit CDC-Info On Demand Publications. To download online copies, please visit the Think. Test. Treat TB resource hub.

Looking for more Think. Test. Treat TB campaign resources? Check out the Campaign Resource Overview Guide for a list of available graphics, fact sheets, and other materials.

Resources and information for TB programs on the Uniting for Ukraine program can be found on the CDC TB website. The webpage will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

Do you have TB education or training materials you would like to share? You can submit materials to our database electronically! For more information, visit findtbresources.cdc.gov

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