October 2023

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Case Studies in Tuberculosis: Training in Nurse Case Management, from the Heartland National Tuberculosis Center.

CDC released new tuberculosis (TB) resources to increase awareness about the TB screening and attestation requirements of the Uniting for Ukraine program. Resources include a conversation guide, fact sheet, flyer, and poster as well as sample content for newsletters, text messages, and social media posts. The materials are available in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

In the early 1800s, there were “vampire panics” throughout New England. When a TB outbreak occurred in a town, it was suspected that the first family member to die of TB came back as a vampire to infect the rest of the family. To stop the vampires, townspeople would dig up the suspected vampire grave and perform a ritual.

Today, we know TB is an airborne infectious disease, spread when a person with TB disease coughs, speaks, or sings. When a person is diagnosed with TB disease, a contact investigation is done to find and test people (like family members) who may have been exposed to TB.

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