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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This video helps train all shelter staff and volunteers about how to prevent the spread of TB in homeless shelters. It describes what TB is, how it is spread, what to do when you suspect someone has TB, how to develop and implement a TB infection control policy, and how you and your local health department can work together to create a healthy and safe environment for staff and clients...

Managers and Supervisors Social Service Providers

This resource provides information about the guidelines and regulations pertaining to TB infection control, methods of reducing the risk of TB infection, and facility-specific guidelines for reducing the risk and dealing with potential exposure. The manual contains information, forms, signs, and user-friendly tools for clinics, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other parties interested in the prevention and control of tuberculosis.

Health Professionals Managers and Supervisors Lab Personnel Infection Control and Occupational Health Workers

This CD-ROM contains electronic copies of materials such as educational products, TB guidelines, Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR), surveillance reports, and slide sets, many of which are currently located on the CDC Division of TB Elimination Internet site.

Community Leaders Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals

This educational CD is intended to improve the management and care of pediatric tuberculosis in the private sector. Includes four recorded presentations, Q&A Sessions, and many other learning and resource materials. Free CE and CME offered. Pediatric TB Session 1 – Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Childhood TB: How are kids different? Presenter: Jeffrey Starke, MD Pediatric TB Session 2 – Latent TB Infection: Who, How, When and Why? Presenter: Robert Lawrence, MD Pediatric TB Session 3 – Pediatric TB Clinical Manifestations and Evaluation Presenter: Ana Alvarez, MD Pediatric TB Session 4 – Treatment and Control of Pediatric TB Presenter: Amina Ahmed, MD

Health Professionals

Using a self-study format, this publication presents the physical principles of plain chest radiography, enabling clinicians to 1) understand how chest radiographs are created and why normal anatomy and pathology may or may not be visualized using radiographs; 2) gather information from the radiograph; and 3) read and interpret chest radiographs for the presence of TB disease using standard terminology.

Health Professionals