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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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The TB Contact Investigation Interviewing Skills Course is an interactive, skills-building training. It is designed to improve the knowledge and proficiency of both new and experienced TB program staff.
Health Professionals Outreach Workers
Treating LTBI in Special Situations is a self-paced, online course consisting of interactive case-based modules that guide the participant through 8 topics. The topic areas include contact to drug-resistant case, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, infants & children, pregnancy, renal failure, TNF-antagonists and transplantation...
Health Professionals

This MDR TB online course exists as a free self-learning online tool in allowing physicians worldwide to learn and test their knowledge of MDR TB. It is accredited by the South African Medical Association and the Norwegian Medical Association. The course contains seven modules and covers etiology and pathogenesis of TB, diagnosis and treatment, special situations, patient-physician communication, treatment adherence, and TB infection and control...

This Course is intended as an introduction to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) management, and is aimed at medical practitioners involved in the detection, management and treatment of MDR-TB patients, under the guiding principles of the World Health Organization's Stop TB Strategy. The Course aims to facilitate self-study by medical practitioners of contemporary, evidence-based standards for diagnosis and clinical management of MDR-TB in a variety of geographical, economic and social settings...
Health Professionals
This course was designed to give hands-on practice in identifying when and how an Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) program can be used in the prevention of tuberculosis in people living with HIV. Depending on individual pace and previous knowledge, this course requires around 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
Health Professionals International Agencies Managers and Supervisors
This online course, which includes slides, audio narration, and interactive questions, provides information on how to screen, test, and treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). TB and HIV experts from the Western Region wrote and presented the case-based lessons in this course.
Health Professionals
The TB course is intended as a refresher course for physicians (both public and private) that may be involved in the management and care of patients with TB. The course is developed as a preparation course to the MDR-TB course of WMA and both courses together offer a complete training module on TB. The refresher course will provide basic clinical care information for TB including the latest diagnostics, treatment and information about multidrug-resistant TB...
Health Professionals

This web-based resource is for clinicians who work with patients at high risk for tuberculosis infection as well as those patients with suspected or confirmed tuberculosis disease in the state of New Jersey. Through a modular format, the resource will cover epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of tuberculosis followed by case examples...

Health Professionals
This slide presentation with streaming audio, provides information on how to manage treatment of tuberculosis (TB). A pre and posttest, question and answer guide, printable PowerPoint slide file, and other useful resources are also included as supplemental reading materials.
Health Professionals Medical and Nursing School Students
This online course helps clinicians determine when to use and how to conduct the Gastric Aspirate procedure. It includes helpful tips, a list of tools and supplies needed for performing the procedure, an online video illustrating the procedure, and educational information material for the provider and families.
Health Professionals
These four self-study modules cover public health and public nursing issues, the fundamentals of TB case management, leadership skills of the nurse case manager, and case management of pediatric patients with TB.
Health Professionals

This instructional packet includes a series of four print-based modules addressing TB contact investigation, case management, and confidentiality. It also provides information on managing multidrug-resistant TB and on DOT.

Health Professionals Outreach Workers