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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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The animation educates viewers on topics related to drug-resistant TB and multidrug-resistant TB, such as treatment plans, basic information on multidrug-resistant TB, and the importance of medication adherence.
The video educates viewers on ways to effectively manage active TB. The animation includes information on preventing the spread of TB through TB testing, diagnosis, and treatment.
Persons With LTBI
This video illustrates the interactions between TB and HIV, including their impact on the immune system, TB testing, and TB treatment.
General Public Persons With LTBI
Users can make customized bilingual handouts by selecting from 41 TB related chapters and over 30 languages.
Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals Outreach Workers
The video describes ways to effectively manage active TB by providing information on TB testing, diagnosis, and treatment.
Persons With LTBI
The goal of these materials is to teach patients about TB infection and to motivate them to start and complete treatment if diagnosed. The materials are designed to encourage provider-patient interactions for active learning through the process of testing and treatment decisions. There are four materials in this series and it is suggested to use the materials as a continuum, as they build upon each other.
Persons With LTBI
This flash movie is an informational film based on the report "Tuberculosis" published by WHO. The movie puts a human face on the TB epidemic and the deadly interaction between TB and HIV. It depicts the suffering of people affected by this disease through images and interviews. Outlining the efficacy of the DOTS program, the movie makes clear that continued commitment and expanded resources are vital to combat TB.
General Public Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals
This pamphlet explains TB and TB skin testing.
Asian or Pacific Islander persons Non-U.S.-born persons General Public Persons With LTBI
This pamphlet discusses the use of the drug isoniazid (INH) to treat latent TB infection. It provides information on the length of treatment and side effects.
Asian or Pacific Islander persons Non-U.S.-born persons Persons With LTBI