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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This 3-page resource is a conversation guide for healthcare providers about how to talk to patients about latent TB infection.

Asian or Pacific Islander persons Health Professionals Physicians

This fact sheet provides clinicians with steps to recognize signs of TB, diagnose via a full evaluation, and report probable and confirmed cases to their local health department.

Civil Surgeons Health Professionals Physicians Nurses
This fact sheet provides an overview of the 12-dose regimen for treating latent TB infection.
Health Professionals

The materials were developed for clinicians to use with patients while discussing the 12-dose regimen for the treatment of latent TB infection. The materials include a patient education brochure, medication tracker, and symptom checklist. The brochure contains information on latent TB infection, the 12-dose regimen, and adverse events...

Health Professionals Persons With LTBI Physicians
This fact sheet provides information on the global burden of TB, TB targets, and the new Stop TB Strategy.
General Public Health Professionals International Agencies Policy Makers
The 2016 ATS/CDC/IDSA Clinical Practice Guidelines: Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Tuberculosis webinar provides an overview of the guidelines development process, key changes in recommendations, and the evidence supporting the changes.
Health Professionals

This National TB Report publishes key process and outcomes measures for TB control programs in the United States to evaluate progress towards TB elimination.

Community Based Organizations Health Professionals

The 2021 Hep B United / TB Elimination Alliance Summit took place on November 2-3, 2021. This year’s theme was Centering Community to Advance Health Equity — inspired by the summit planning committee and the 2020 TB Summit design contest winner, Setie Asfaha of TB Free California. Scroll down to access resources from the summit...

Health Professionals

Quality Improvement strategies for latent tuberculosis infection testing and treatment for health centers serving asian, asian american, native hawaiian, and pacific islander communities. 

Health Professionals
This video highlights the continuing problem of tuberculosis (TB) in the United States and encourages people to take action by visiting the CDC TB website and getting tested for TB infection if they are at risk.
Health Professionals
This brochure contains information on Cure-TB, a referral program for tuberculosis patients and their contacts moving between the US and Mexico.
Health Professionals

The book provides basic information on the use of the public health and clinical laboratories in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with latent tuberculosis infection(LTBI) and tuberculosis(TB) disease.

Civil Surgeons Health Professionals Infection Control and Occupational Health Workers International Agencies Lab Personnel

This conversation guide provides information for community-based organizations, TB programs, and healthcare providers to talk with their clients about the TB screening and attestation requirements of the Uniting for Ukraine program.

Community Based Organizations Health Professionals Nurses Physicians Social Service Providers
Treatment Action Group (TAG) analyzes and reports on the annual funding of tuberculosis (TB ) research and development (R&D). The top 40 TB research funding institutions were surveyed for actual disbursements made for TB R&D in fiscal years 2005, 2006, and now 2007. The three-year data reveal trends in funding and demonstrates an alarming shortfall in the growth of TB R&D during the initial years covered by The Global Plan to Stop TB: 2006–2015.
Health Professionals International Agencies Managers and Supervisors Policy Makers
This book describes the technical framework and principles used to implement DOTS-Plus in resource poor settings. It also provides a number of case histories that illustrate common challenges in the treatment of MDR TB patients. The book includes protocols that can be used under DOTS-Plus program conditions to manage common complication of this therapy.
Health Professionals