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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This online course discusses critical principles and steps to facilitate treatment adherence for MDR-TB patients. The five A’s are: Assess, Advise, Agree, Arrange, and Assist.
Health Professionals

This web-based resource is for clinicians who work with patients at high risk for tuberculosis infection as well as those patients with suspected or confirmed tuberculosis disease in the state of New Jersey. Through a modular format, the resource will cover epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of tuberculosis followed by case examples...

Health Professionals
This online course covers how to diagnose, treat, and prevent childhood TB. The course consists of six modules: epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, TB/HIV, prevention, and practice. The content is based on the World Health Organization's "Guidance for National Tuberculosis Programmes on the Management of Tuberculosis in Children" and the Union's "Desk Guide for Diagnosis and Management of TB in Children...
Health Professionals
This series of interactive modules was developed by the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Topics include laboratory safety, specimen collection, AFB smear microscopy, mycobacterial culture, and drug susceptibility testing...
Lab Personnel
This online course explains how the FAST strategy can be applied in various settings. FAST stands for: Finding TB cases, Actively, Separating safely, and Treating effectively.
Health Professionals Managers and Supervisors Lab Personnel Infection Control and Occupational Health Workers

Health Literacy: New Field, New Opportunities is an online tutorial designed for health and literacy educators interested in addressing health literacy barriers to good health in their work.  The tutorial was developed by World Education with funding from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region (NN/NL NER)...

Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals
This is a web-based course that provides clinicians with the basic concepts of diagnosing and treating latent TB infection and TB disease. The course is based on the print-based Core Curriculum and includes chapters on transmission, pathogenesis, testing, diagnosis, treatment, and infection control.
Health Professionals
This course was designed to give hands-on practice in identifying when and how an Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) program can be used in the prevention of tuberculosis in people living with HIV. Depending on individual pace and previous knowledge, this course requires around 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
Health Professionals International Agencies Managers and Supervisors
This online course is designed to provide TB control staff, clinicians, and nurses a brief overview of basic principles of molecular technology and test platforms used for molecular testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a basis for understanding how mutations are associated with drug resistance and what reporting language might be used to describe resistance results.
Health Professionals Lab Personnel
This slide presentation with streaming audio, provides information on how to manage treatment of tuberculosis (TB). A pre and posttest, question and answer guide, printable PowerPoint slide file, and other useful resources are also included as supplemental reading materials.
Health Professionals Medical and Nursing School Students
This online course helps clinicians determine when to use and how to conduct the Gastric Aspirate procedure. It includes helpful tips, a list of tools and supplies needed for performing the procedure, an online video illustrating the procedure, and educational information material for the provider and families.
Health Professionals

A free online course that is designed to cover all aspects of the management of TB infection, including the diagnosis and treatment of TB. After taking the online course, you will:

-Understand the rationale of TB preventive treatment  
-Identify at-risk groups for TB infection and disease
-Appreciate the strengths and limitations of current diagnostic tests for TB infection
-Know the range of treatment options for TB infection
-Become familiar with issues associated with implementation of TB prevention services in the field

Health Professionals
These modules are designed for health care workers and provide TB programmatic information. The modules include information on managing patients and improving adherence, patient rights and confidentiality, contact investigations, and outbreak detection and response.
Health Professionals Outreach Workers

This instructional packet includes a series of four print-based modules addressing TB contact investigation, case management, and confidentiality. It also provides information on managing multidrug-resistant TB and on DOT.

Health Professionals Outreach Workers

These educational modules are designed to provide basic information about tuberculosis (TB) in a self-study format for new TB health care workers. This instructional packet includes a series of five modules, an introduction, a glossary, and content covering transmission, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment of TB infection and disease, and infection control...

Health Professionals Outreach Workers