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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This video helps train all shelter staff and volunteers about how to prevent the spread of TB in homeless shelters. It describes what TB is, how it is spread, what to do when you suspect someone has TB, how to develop and implement a TB infection control policy, and how you and your local health department can work together to create a healthy and safe environment for staff and clients...

Managers and Supervisors Social Service Providers

The new edition of this guide provides a background on basic epidemiology for TB program staff, as well as descriptions of how these concepts can be put to practical use. In addition to basic epidemiology for tuberculosis, this guide contains information on epidemiologic and statistical techniques that are used in research studies and a chapter on TB genotyping...

Health Professionals Managers and Supervisors

The Model Tuberculosis (TB) Outbreak Response Plan (ORP) is a customizable template to help ensure comprehensive and timely response to a TB outbreak. The ORP includes the following sections: purpose, indications for initiating the response plan, legal authority, composition of the response team, notification procedures, local and state public health responsibilities, data management, communication, training and education, community partnerships, evaluation, de-activation, and glossary.

Health Professionals Outreach Workers

In 2003, infectious pulmonary TB disease was diagnosed in a foreign-born nurse working in the newborn nursery and maternity ward of a New York City hospital. This report summarizes the results of the investigation that followed.

Health Professionals Infection Control and Occupational Health Workers

This report explains the preliminary results of an outbreak investigation in Allen County, Indiana. The report also describes the restructuring of the Allen County Department of Health (ACDH) TB program, and the importance of maintaining TB-control efforts in low-incidence states.

Health Professionals

This report summarizes a recent outbreak of TB and highlights the challenges of preventing TB among homeless persons, particularly when multiple chains of transmission are occurring and multiple jurisdictions are involved. The findings underscore the complementary role of rapid DNA genotyping in the detection of possible TB transmission in homeless populations...

Health Professionals Managers and Supervisors

Faced with four overlapping epidemics -- drug use, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis -- Central Asia may face a serious crisis in 20 years' time unless concerted action is taken now. This study, geared to policymakers, provides an epidemiological update and looks at actions taken already by governments, NGOs, and donors in four Central Asian countries...

Health Professionals Policy Makers

This report describes the results of the investigation of a cluster of TB cases that occurred in Kansas from 1994 to 2000 among women with a history of working as exotic dancers and persons who were close contacts of the dancers.

Health Professionals

This report describes an outbreak of drug-susceptible TB that occurred in a South Carolina state correctional facility housing HIV-infected inmates and illustrates the need for increased vigilance for TB in settings in which HIV-infected persons congregate.

Health Professionals