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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This material aims to inform national TB Programmes and other stakeholders about the key implications of the latest evidence on the use of specific molecular assays as initial diagnostic tests of pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB and RR-TB, in adults and children.

Health Professionals International Agencies Physicians

This guide details the latest WHO recommendations, TB diagnostic tools, and how these diagnostic tools should be used in country programs. The guide also provides activists with the information needed to advocate for access to TB diagnostic testing.

Health Professionals International Agencies Policy Makers

This handout provides general information on extrapulmonary TB. Topics covered include symptoms of extrapulmonary TB, how to keep friends and family safe, and how extrapulmonary TB is treated.

General Public Persons with TB

This manual is a joint publication of the Curry International TB Center and the Tuberculosis Control Branch of the California Department of Public Health. The 10 chapters and 4 appendices cover major topics pertaining to epidemiology, diagnosis, laboratory issues, treatment, medications, pediatrics, co-morbidities and special situations, monitoring and case management, adverse reactions, and treatment of contacts.

Health Professionals

This brochure states that tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a germ called Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis). It explains that one common place in the body that the Mycobacterium tuberculosis germ becomes active is in the glands of the neck.

General Public

This guide provides the clinical and epidemiological aspects of tuberculosis in the context of the National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) in 18 illustrated chapters. This guide is a comprehensive reference for anyone involved in the treatment, control, and prevention of tuberculosis and is especially geared to specialist physicians working in low-income countries.

Health Professionals

This fact sheet, available online or via fax only, discusses TB treatment options for persons with HIV/AIDS, including dosage recommendations for HIV-infected adults and children. It also discusses adverse reactions and special situations such as extrapulmonary TB, TB in HIV-infected pregnant women, and drug-resistant TB.

Health Professionals Infection Control and Occupational Health Workers