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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This toolkit is designed for health department staff responsible for planning and conducting TB contact investigations in school settings. The toolkit provides guidance, tips, and tools for planning and implementing a school TB contact investigation.

Educators Health Professionals
This 75-minute webinar discusses TB and LTBI testing and treatment for international students in the university and college setting. The webinar includes information on updates to the American College Health Association (ACHA) TB guidelines, LTBI treatment options, and a model for LTBI screening and treatment in the University setting.
Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals Policy Makers
This pamphlet provides information about screening of college and university students for tuberculosis (TB). It discusses the importance of screening, when and whom to screen, screening methods, interpreting the results of a TB skin test, and what to do if the TB skin test is positive. A sample TB screening form is provided.
Health Professionals
In this resource pack you will find: • Assembly ideas. • Project plans. • Lesson plans based on TB and every subject in the current school curriculum. • Fact Sheets for teachers and students on TB. • A ‘Get Involved’ factsheet with fundraising ideas.
Health Educators/Communicators

This handbook has been prepared for school nurses who may be responsible for implementing tuberculin testing programs in their schools or working in collaboration with community providers in both the public and private sectors to manage the care of a child with tuberculosis (TB) disease or latent TB infection (LTBI)...

Health Professionals

This manual provides student health centers at colleges and universities with a guide for developing and implementing a TB screening and testing program. It includes many helpful resources that can be modified and used by individual campuses.

Health Professionals Social Service Providers