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Tuberculosis (TB) Facts - You Can Prevent TB

Information Sheet
Tuberculosis (TB) Facts - You Can Prevent TB

Using a question and answer format, this fact sheet provides general information on TB prevention. It discusses TB transmission, infection, disease, diagnosis through a skin test or a special TB blood test, and treatment. It explains that TB is spread by germs that are in the air after someone with TB disease sneezes, coughs, speaks, laughs, or sings. TB germs can live in the body without making the individual sick. This is called latent TB infection. If the germs become active, they cause TB disease. An individual who has been exposed to TB germs will be given a TB skin test. If an individual has TB infection, preventive treatment with medicine will be used to avoid TB disease. Individuals who are more likely to get sick with TB disease include injection drug users, people with certain medical conditions, and people with HIV. An individual must take all the drugs as prescribed by the doctor, and it can take at least six months to a year to kill all the TB germs.


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