Assessing Tuberculosis Under-Reporting Through Inventory Studies

Assessing Tuberculosis Under-Reporting Through Inventory Studies

Author: World Health Organization, Global TB Programme
Publication Date: 2013
Format: Book
Language: English


The main purpose of this guide is to describe and explain how to design, implement and analyse an inventory study to measure TB under-reporting. The guide also explains how to apply capture-recapture methods to estimate TB incidence, emphasizing the conditions that must be fulfilled for these methods to be used. This guide is intended for use by NTP managers, researchers including epidemiologists and statisticians, and agencies that provide financial and technical support for inventory studies. Its aim is to catalyse many more inventory studies worldwide, leading to better measurement of the burden of TB disease and, in turn, better TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment services.


World Health Organization


International Agencies, Managers and Supervisors



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