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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This fact sheet highlights data on TB in children, information on the neglect of TB in children, and new tools available for TB testing and treatment.

Children/Adolescents Health Professionals Persons with TB

This video encourages young children and household contacts of TB patients to adhere to TB treatment to help prevent TB.

Asian or Pacific Islander persons Children/Adolescents Educators Parents/Families General Public Health Educators/Communicators Persons With LTBI Persons with TB
This 20-minute short film shares the story of Kelsey, a 5-year old from Houston, TX, as she moves through TB treatment. The video was produced as part of a larger Social Impact Campaign to raise awareness about TB globally. The video has also been presented at several congressional briefings and health conferences.
Children/Adolescents General Public Health Educators/Communicators Policy Makers
This activity book is designed to educate children regarding basic TB concepts. Activities include a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a matching game.
The goal of the Global Fund (to eliminate AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria) resonates powerfully with many young people and in response to frequent questions about how they could be involved, the Fund issued a Youth Guide directed especially to their interests. Silhouette illustrations make it racially universal and allow readers to project themselves into the images.
Children/Adolescents General Public International Agencies
This interactive coloring book is designed to teach children about the basics of tuberculosis (TB).
Children/Adolescents Health Educators/Communicators
In this comic book, Luis Figo and his friends play a game of football/soccer against a team of TB germs. The book aims to educate young readers about the basics of TB.
Children/Adolescents General Public Health Educators/Communicators