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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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ExplainTB is a mobile app that provides written and audiovisual education for TB patients, relatives, and others. The app has over 40 chapters of TB information available in more than 30 languages.

Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals Outreach Workers

A fact sheet on latent TB infection treatment, including helpful information on how to remember to take the medicine.

Health Educators/Communicators Outreach Workers

Users can make customized bilingual handouts by selecting from 41 TB related chapters and over 30 languages.

Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals Outreach Workers

This fact sheet uses a question-and-answer format to provide the general public with information on TB. It discusses TB disease and infection, transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Non-U.S.-born persons General Public

This pamphlet explains TB and TB skin testing.

Non-U.S.-born persons General Public Persons With LTBI

This pamphlet discusses the use of the drug isoniazid (INH) to treat latent TB infection. It provides information on the length of treatment and side effects.

Non-U.S.-born persons Persons With LTBI