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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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The Global Plan to End TB 2018–2022: The Paradigm Shift includes an estimate of the resources needed to achieve the targets determined at the UN High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB in September 2018. 

Health Professionals International Agencies

This website is an innovative forum for persons affected by tuberculosis and the wider community. TB Photovoice improves the overall health of individuals and communities by using images, stories and dialogue to give a powerful voice to people affected by tuberculosis. The website is a welcoming, safe place exclusively for people impacted by TB to share and be supported...

Community Leaders General Public Health Professionals

This book was developed to assist in the management of TB and HIV/AIDS programs that are implementing or planning to implement collaborative TB/HIV activities. It is intended to facilitate the collection of standardized data and help in the interpretation and dissemination of these data for program improvement...

Community Leaders Health Professionals International Agencies Managers and Supervisors Policy Makers

This facilitators’ guide for training community health workers and community volunteers is intended for training in tuberculosis (TB) and integration of TB prevention and care services into community-based activities.

Community Leaders International Agencies Outreach Workers Social Service Providers

These four webinars highlight challenges, legal requirements, and best practice strategies for preventing and controlling TB in correctional facilities. These webinars were produced by the Minnesota Department of Health in consultation with several local public health agencies and correctional agency staff...

Health Professionals Correctional Facility Staff

This document is designed to serve as a handbook, or primer, for NGOs and CSOs that are considering joining the fight against TB. It provides information on TB and how it is prevented, diagnosed, and treated, how TB programs work on the ground, how communities and CSOs can get involved, and special populations that need extra attention...

Community Leaders International Agencies Social Service Providers

This publication presents the activities and approaches taken by national TB partnerships to support the work of national TB programmes and partners. By featuring examples from existing national TB partnerships, the purpose is both to advocate for support of national TB partnerships, and build capacity for building and maintaining one.

International Agencies

Integrating community-based tuberculosis activities into the work of nongovernmental and other civil society organizations.

Community Leaders International Agencies Outreach Workers Social Service Providers

The purpose of this document is to provide operational guidance to NGOs and other CSOs and NTPs or their equivalents in implementing and scaling-up integrated community-based TB prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care using the ENGAGE-TB approach described in the document. The principles are aligned with the Stop TB Strategy and are complementary to existing guidelines for engaging all health care providers (including NGOs) in TB prevention and care as part of a public–private mix.

Community Leaders International Agencies Social Service Providers

A 2-hour webinar focuses on tools and strategies State and local health departments can use to help private providers (including Federally Qualified Health Centers, Community Health Clinics, HMOs, and smaller practice practitioners) get up-to-speed on the diagnosis and treatment of latent TB infection (LTBI).

Health Professionals Managers and Supervisors Social Service Providers

This fact sheet provides strategies for health care providers to use to maximize adherence by their patients for the treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI).

Health Professionals

WHO and The Union have developed a Collaborative Framework for Care and Control of Tuberculosis and Diabetes, which presents recommendations based on evidence from systematic reviews and a series of expert consultations. It outlines essential steps for coordinated action in three areas: (1) establishment of mechanisms for collaboration between national TB programmes and suitable counterparts responsible for care and control of diabetes; (2) improved detection and management of TB in patients with diabetes; (3) improved detection and management of diabetes in patients with TB.

Health Professionals Policy Makers

This report summarizes the accomplishments and activities of the Stop TB Partnership in 2011.

Community Leaders Health Professionals

The goal of the Global Fund (to eliminate AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria) resonates powerfully with many young people and in response to frequent questions about how they could be involved, the Fund issued a Youth Guide directed especially to their interests. Silhouette illustrations make it racially universal and allow readers to project themselves into the images.

Children/Adolescents General Public International Agencies

This new roadmap for 2011-2015 follows on the Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-2015 while setting new and more ambitious targets for the next five years. The action plan, for the first time, identifies all the research gaps that need to be filled to bring rapid TB tests, faster treatment regimens and a fully effective vaccine to market...

Community Leaders Health Professionals International Agencies