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A library of resources for the prevention,
management, and elimination of TB.

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This pocket guide is intended to assist clinicians in managing patients with HIV and  LTBI, and drug-susceptible pulmonary TB disease. The guide includes signs and symptoms, adult dosing, dosage forms, drug-drug interactions, side effects, and patient counseling points.

Civil Surgeons Health Professionals Nurses Physicians

This educational flipbook can be used by nurses and other healthcare workers to provide TB education to patients, family members, and other people. The flipbook includes four sections: What is Tuberculosis?,  TB Infection, TB Disease, and Special Circumstances.

Civil Surgeons Health Educators/Communicators Health Professionals Outreach Workers Physicians Nurses

This guide details the latest WHO recommendations, TB diagnostic tools, and how these diagnostic tools should be used in country programs. The guide also provides activists with the information needed to advocate for access to TB diagnostic testing.

Health Professionals International Agencies Policy Makers

The guide details messaging and strategies to help advocates and activists ensure that the LAM test is made available in-country.

Health Professionals International Agencies Policy Makers

The resource includes information on TB preventive treatment, including who needs TB preventive treatment, treatment options, and frequently asked questions for people living with HIV.

Health Educators/Communicators Persons With LTBI

The website includes various resources that were developed to address the difficulties that HIV programs might encounter when implementing TB preventive treatment. Programs can adapt the tools as needed...

Health Professionals International Agencies

The webinar presents information on the common difficulties for TB case management for patients with HIV. The webinar also defines the epidemiologic link between HIV and TB. Additionally, the webinar describes how to incorporate HIV testing and referral to care as part of targeted testing and treatment of latent TB infection...

Health Professionals Medical and Nursing School Students

Popularly known as “The Orange Guide”, the 7th edition this guide provides practical guidance to health workers on the front line of TB control. The guide has been updated with new information on the management of persons with TB infection, bacteriological diagnosis of tuberculosis, treatment of drug-resistant TB, and more.

Health Professionals International Agencies Managers and Supervisors

This online fact sheet provides information about HIV/AIDS and TB co-infection.

General Public

An infographic that emphasizes the severity of TB and HIV coinfection. The infographic includes information on how many people died in 2017 from AIDS-related TB, how many lives have been saved since 2000 due to TB treatment, and more.

General Public Health Professionals Policy Makers

This video illustrates the interactions between TB and HIV, including their impact on the immune system, TB testing, and TB treatment.

General Public Persons With LTBI

This series covers six topics —TB disease, TB infection, tuberculin skin testing, TB contact investigation, TB and HIV coinfection, and TB medicine. The materials are in English (low literacy), Spanish with English translation, Tagalog with English translation, and Vietnamese with English translation.

Non-U.S.-born persons General Public Persons With LTBI

This information sheet discusses treatment of drug-susceptible TB in HIV-infected people. It explains that the treatment is complex, and presents the recommended regimen, including the initial phase and the continuation phase, and considers the problem of drug interactions and the importance of case management...

Health Professionals Persons with TB

This brochure explains TB and its connection with HIV/AIDS. It discusses TB transmission and describes the symptoms of TB disease.

General Public Persons With LTBI

This manual is a joint publication of the Curry International TB Center and the Tuberculosis Control Branch of the California Department of Public Health. The 10 chapters and 4 appendices cover major topics pertaining to epidemiology, diagnosis, laboratory issues, treatment, medications, pediatrics, co-morbidities and special situations, monitoring and case management, adverse reactions, and treatment of contacts.

Health Professionals